Weight controller DACs

A sentry.

Most advanced checkweigher to date with standard built-in protection, multi range weighing and a highly flexible open frame design. Tool less cleaning allows for longer operational running times between easy to manage product changeovers.


Flexible. Flexibility in the range of weights that can be handled is impressive. DACS-GN 060* offers 3000g (1g graduations) and 6000g (2g graduations) ranges, this enables one machine to cover a very extensive weight range and with MID Approved Specification.

Durable . A solid robust design that is built to last. In contrast to many checkweighers, the DACS-GN vital measurement unit is protected during operation and cleaning by a robust protective housing.

Versatile. The rounded stainless steel main body, with its open frame design, eliminates food and dirt traps and makes thorough cleaning simple and fast, reducing downtime. Conveyors and reject arms can be unclipped and removed without any need for tools.

Intelligent. With DACS-G you can choose between two quite different multilingual interfaces, depending upon your preferences with regard to hygiene and operator capabilities. A large, easy-read, colour screen interface makes operation and training easy. Based upon a Windows XP embedded platform, the possibilities for linking to factory control and information systems (via Ethernet links) are virtually limitless.