Enviromental certification

Standards and schemes endorsed

As the industry’s leading company, CMSA is fully committed to cutting-edge technologies and materials that take care of both the end user and the planet.

This commitment to environmental protection and improving positive impact is reflected in the many standards and schemes adopted by CMSA.

Standards and schemes endorsed



Being FSC certified means that the paper in our packages comes from adequately managed forests. This offers environmental benefits, economic prosperity and social equity.

Look for our FSC® certified products.


Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS)

OCS is a volunteer programme for the responsible handling of plastic granules so appropriate pellet cleaning and control practices can be applied to operations where plastic granules are involved and so avoid spillage into the environment.

It is an initiative of the plastics industry on a global scale coordinated by ANAIP in Spain. We actively take part in the scheme and are fully committed to reducing the spillage of plastic pellets (primary microplastics) into the environment.