Casepacker CKM

The solution to one of the most complex problems in packhouses.

The compact size of this easy-to-use case packing machine fits perfectly into the production line alongside our other equipment. The result is a complete packaging line that cuts back on labour.

This simple and practical casepacker solves the space problem that is commonplace in packaging warehouses.


Automated bag casing
Runs up to 40 bags per minute
Cost-efficient: minimum operator intervention
Reliable and accurate: Optional case inspection and rejection system
Maximised processing capacity provides speeds of up to 40 bpm for 0.5 kg to 2.5 kg bags, and 35 bpm for 3 kg to 5 kg bags.
Handles single or double-layer cases of up to 60×400 mm (180 to 240 mm high)
Accommodates both carton and plastic cases
Optional case rejection system with weight control cell
Automatic case dispenser may be fit to machine