EARTHPACK is a new packaging system,
fully recyclable in the paper and board container
and biodegradable in soil and sea if it escapes from the recycling circuit.

Our industrial ecological packaging solution:
an evolution of packaging for the product.

Just circular economy.

Technical characteristics of EARTHPACK

  • Earthpack is made of 95% paper from 100% recyclable sheets from renewable sources FSC with Level A Certificate.
  • The breathable mesh is made of paper and bamboo fibers, improving the quality of the final recycling.
  • The glue used is of certified bio origin.
  • The participation of the windows makes the product breathe, promoting air circulation through the packaged product, keeping it dry and protected.
  • Production is carried out on high-speed automatic lines, both vertical and horizontal.
  • Formats: from 250 grams to 3 kilos.


From the store to the paper and board container

Earthpack, naturally

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