CMSA takes part in 2nd 'La Verdad Daily' corporate team race

6 November, 2019 News

CMSA participa en la II Carrera de empresas de La Verdad

Our co-workers Mateo, Jose Luis, Antonio and Francisco have represented CMSA at the 2nd edition of the Audi Huertas Motor-‘La Verdad Daily’ Corporate Run held last 19 May at the Paseo del Malecón in Murcia.

More than 900 people took part in the race divided in teams of 4 runners, the first 3 finish times counting for the final ranking positions. Team spirit and fun are favoured above individual performance.

The 10-km race was run in 3 categories: men’s, women’s and mixed. We hope in the next editions, CMSA may be represented in all categories so we have a chance of winning the special prize for “largest group”.

We would like to thank the organisers ‘La Verdad Daily’, Audi Huertas Motor, Murcia Athletics Federation and Murcia Local Council for this great initiative. We also wish to give thanks to the following sponsors for their commitment with the race: Vidal Golosinas, Ditecsa, Interempleo, Tecnodiesel Murcia, McDonalds Murcia, Ciclos Sarabia, Coca Cola Buen Ambiente, Estrella de Levante y Mercamurcia.

BIOnTop Project: at the cutting edge of research

20 June, 2019 News

BIOnTop Project: at the cutting edge of research

The first meeting of the BIOnTop project took place in the premises of AIMPLAS in Valencia. Our CEO, José María Meseguer, was present and explained CMSA’s role in the project.

BIOnTop is a research and innovation project funded under Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking with a consortium of 20 institutions from eight European countries (European funds: 4 MM€). The objective of the project is to create recyclable and cost competitive packaging solutions that can be mechanically recycled, industrially/home composted or even suitable for anaerobic digestion, using sustainably sourced comonomers, additives and fillers to formulate novel PLA copolymers and compounds.

Novel packaging films and textiles with tailor-made end-of-life and performance based on bio-based copolymers and coatings.

Moreover, the barrier properties of the produced bio-packaging trays, films and derived packaging, will be enhanced by using removable protein-based coatings and a novel fatty acid grafting technology to decrease permeability and compete with fossil packaging.
In the field of textile packaging, a majority of used coatings are not bio-based and are different than the coated fibres, making material or organic recycling extremely difficult. New PLA coatings or fatty grafting will allow reprocessing without significant loss of properties.

New gym and staff lounge open for CMSA employees

13 September, 2018 News

New gym and staff lounge open for CMSA employees

In the summer of 2015 we made some new improvements in our Murcia facilities and expanded the range of services offered our employees.

We have renovated the staff lounge and made it more comfortable and accessible to anyone interested.

We have also opened a fully equipped gym to help our employees distress and lead a healthy lifestyle. The gym opens during normal working hours and has specialized personnel looking after our employees’ health.

Pez de Abril, winner of the 2018 'Copa del Rey' race

4 August, 2018 News

Pez de Abril, winner of the 2018 'Copa del Rey' race

‘Pez de Abril’, Portman based race yacht from Murcia, skippered by Jose María Meseguer, emerged victorious in the Swan 42 class at the ‘Mapfre Copa del Rey’ competition held in Palma de Mallorca waters.

The Murcia-based boat scored its second consecutive success in the most prestigious yacht racing competition in Spain. ‘Pez de Abril’ started the last day of racing in third place drawn on points with the 2nd placed boat and four points away from the leaders, the Italian boat ‘Selene’. The defending champions completed the last day of racing with an outstanding performance, overtaking their closest rivals, finishing first and winning the championship. One point away was ‘Selene’ in second place, and the Romanian yacht ‘Natalia’ finished third.

Source: La Opinión Daily

Pez de Abril, winner of the 2017 'Copa del Rey' trophy

5 August, 2017 News

Pez de Abril, winner of the 2017 'Copa del Rey' trophy

Pez de Abril, the sailing yacht from Murcia, based at the Portman Yachting Club and skippered by José María Meseguer, were the winners of the ‘Copa del Rey’ Trophy at Palma de Mallorca after scoring a third place in the last day of racing. This meant they were the overall winners in the Swan 42 class, confirming the lead they had taken midway through the competition.

They also won the ‘Red Eléctrica” Trophy after being the leaders for most of the competition.

Source: ‘La Opinión Daily