The paper that surrounds us

Paper is part of our day to day, it covers many essential needs that we are not aware of despite using it daily and on a recurring basis. When we have breakfast and want to clean the table, when we go to the toilet, when we want to take note of something urgent that we do not want to be forgotten and of course, also to package products in a revolutionary and ecological way.

In the market we can find more than 500 different types of paper. The best known among all of them is undoubtedly writing but there are many more types: we can find newsprint, toilet paper, cellulose paper and also compostable paper to be able to wrap our food without harming the planet. We know this evolutionary concept of sustainable packaging as earthpack, a novel packaging system that is totally recyclable and biodegradable both in blue containers and on land and sea if it is not recycled correctly.

Each and every one of the papers that exist are necessary tools that are part of our lives as individuals and as a collective entity, since the role is part of daily communication, of the culture that surrounds our society, of education, of health and all areas that can come to mind.

As its existence is so implanted in our daily reality, most of the time we do not have any kind of feedback on the amount of daily solutions that paper solves for us and on the tasks that they facilitate each day. For years and years, paper has been changing and adapting to human needs, evolving in parallel with the technology developed and adapting to new forms of use and manufacturing, such as evolving to the concept of earthpack, allowing us to wrap fruits and vegetables with attractive, compact packaging, ecological and sustainable.

Paper is still a great unknown for most of the people who use it daily but, we are sure that the technological innovations related to this precious material will not stop surprising us. Its evolution and great utility will continue to accompany us and provide revolutionary solutions in the years to come.