In News, Earthpack5 November, 2020

We have been warning for a long time. The path of plastic as packaging was running out. Our planet and our society asked for this change. And now that? Now is the time for paper to become the main raw material for a very simple reason: it is made from wood fiber, a natural, renewable and easily recyclable resource.

In fact, the European Union intends that by 2030 all packaging “be recyclable or reusable, but above all to be recycled,” as Ferran Tarradellas, representative of the European Commission, pointed out. Promoting recycling is a much more effective sustainable practice than, for example, reuse.

Faced with this scenario, the paper is reinforced since it comes from a natural and renewable resource that allows the manufacture of 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Currently, 85% of the raw material used in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard boxes is already recycled paper, according to Aspapel.

The trend continues to rise: more and more companies are choosing paper packaging. During 2019, the material destined for containers and packaging increased by 6%. This field already represents 65% of the use of paper in our country!

A consumer decision

According to a study by the consulting firm Smithers Pira and Procarton, 96% of brands consider packaging a strategic piece to improve their business results, but this is due to a consumer decision.

In the UK they went out to the streets to ask consumers and the answers they got did not surprise anyone:

48% prefer its ‘touch and feel’ to other materials47% appreciated its lightweight nature37% believe that paper packaging is safer36% prefer it because it is more complete and practical36% also consider it easier to open and closeAs confirmed by the Aecoc Shopperview study, 44% of consumers penalize ‘unsustainable’ brands. We are increasingly aware of the environment and sustainability and this data shows it. In fact, according to Aspapel data, only 9% of Spaniards imagine their life without paper.

From nature to nature

The main characteristic that has made paper the perfect material for the packaging and packaging sector is, without a doubt, its easy recyclability. In 2016, according to Eurostat, 67% of packaging was recycled in general, but if we specify by material we see that the recycling of paper and cardboard was the highest: it obtained an 83% recycling rate.

The time for the role has definitely come: meet Earthpack