In News30 March, 2020

The packaging or wrapping of a product has several key functions, some more than obvious. It is clear that its main function is to contain our products and food as well as being key when it comes to recognizing the product’s brand and knowing its main features.

But the packaging of any product must also have a sometimes forgotten function: to protect our food and products from incidents and inclemencies throughout the distribution chain until it reaches the customer’s table.

Thus a wrapper, container or packaging must keep the product inside in perfect condition. We are not only talking about appearance, but also hygiene and sanitation. It is important to keep in mind that any product must go a long way until it is in the hands of the end-user and on this journey, there may be situations that are beyond our control: hits, friction, bacteria, heaping… Not forgetting that once the product arrives, customers may still manipulate the purchase line to see it up close, squeeze it more tightly than they should, drop it, etc.

This can put the product at risk by exposing itself to viruses or microbes that customers may have on their hands. Definitively, the packaging is very important to also avoid these risks that exist when the product is already in the sales outlet, especially in the food sector.

Any unforeseen event may compromise the quality of the product. That is why at CMSA we always work with one idea in mind: good packaging must ensure the integrity and healthiness of the product throughout the distribution process.

For all these reasons, at CMSA we are committed to offering packaging solutions that adapt to your needs and that are also capable of protecting your products against any of these risks.