Circular economy: the most eco-friendly way to stop climate change

24 April, 2019 Sustainability

Circular economy: the most eco-friendly way to stop climate change

At CMSA we believe in circular economy and base each of our processes on the concept of reusing to generate zero waste. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a UK charity that is inspiring the younger generations to rethink, redesign and build a positive future within the framework of circular economy, has also been an inspiration for us all in this endeavour.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, in collaboration with Material Economics, has launched a paper that reveals the need for a fundamental shift in the global approach to tackling climate change. Moving to renewables can only address 55% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve UN climate goals, the paper highlights the urgent need to tackle the remaining 45%, and demonstrates the potential of the circular economy.

With the title ‘Completing the Picture: How the Circular Economy Tackles Climate Change’, the paper centres on how to design with the aim of reusing waste, maintaining materials in use and regenerating farmland, which could reduce greenhouse gases by 9.3 billion tonnes. This is equivalent to eliminating current emissions from all forms of transport globally.

The document demonstrates that by building a thriving and resilient economy – businesses, financial institutions, and policymakers can play an essential role in achieving climate goals.

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