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Article in the magazine Actualidad Económica

The group, dedicated to the manufacturing of packaging, has got a dozen patents.

"At first agricultural products were packed by hand and were as simple as mesh bags almost handmade" recalls José Maria Meseguer, CEO of Cristóbal Meseguer, one of the most innovative companies of Murcia with over a dozen patents and the determination to allocate to R & D + i, at least 10% of its annual sales. "Innovation is critical and requires an investment effort," says the manager.

The company, founded by his father in 1987 in Beniaján, develops packaging for fresh produce and her own machinery to produce these packages. Weighers and vertical packaging machines are the most demanded gadgets. However, the sale of packaging - combining mostly film and mesh which allows ventilation and visualization of the product-accounted for 75% of the 14 million return by the group in 2012.

"It is difficult to speak of one single product, but one which is very innovative is M-Pack. It is made of plastic or paper film to which reinforcements and mesh are applied to end up converting into bags and packages of different sizes, after passing through a vertical bagger", specifies Meseguer.

The group provides brands which need to conquer the final consumer with a product that stands out on the store shelves. Its main clients are fresh produce packers who, at their turn, sell the product to large retail chains. On many occasions, Cristóbal Meseguer studies the design of the packaging and its presentation with the heads of supermarkt marketing department.

To submit important proposals, Cristóbal Meseguer has its own department dedicated to launch new formats which seek to provide maximum creativity to the proposals, without neglecting the highest standards of quality, food safety and environmental sustainability.

Last year the innovative company was responsible for 7% of proceedings for patents in in Murcia and Meseguer judges that they are making good progress "after investing five million euros six years ago to make a big jump, a decision which has proved to be  a success, "says Meseguer. The employer notes that patenting entails significant costs, as well as being a process of almost two years. The market for this group transcends national boundaries, for the 60% of its sales and 80% of its income comes from abroad. The Scandinavian and Central European countries have an important role in the business. This year the company plans to increase sales by 20% to EUR 17 million, which could contribute to new contracts in Norway, Poland and Canada.

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