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Our company, Cristóbal Meseguer S.A., was founded in 1987. Originally, its main activity consisted of the manufacturing of plastic nets for packaging of agricultural products, basically citrus fruits. Thanks to a continuous search to find packaging solutions for our customers, we were able to develop and patent new bags and packaging systems which put the packaging of fresh products on a level with more industrial production systems. All this without losing the soft treatment of the product and gaining speed.

We now offer a wider range of products and solutions for packaging, ranging from cheaper products to Premium products.

We work together with important packaging producers, and this together with the construction of our own vertical machines, makes Cristóbal Meseguer S.A. one of the most innovating companies in the market with the widest range of solutions. Not to forget our traditional packaging.

Our products all comply with the international Framework Regulation regarding food contact material.


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